Laura Guidi (about punk attitude, depth of life and live)

It’s all in the interview and Laura Guidi’s songs. Teachers like Laura don’t get paid enough. People don’t protest enough for freedom and equality. And this world misses depth. Life’s not always a beautiful afternoon with sunshine at Maybachufer like in „Il Canale, Maggio e Bach.“. But now that Laura Guidi wrote this wonderful song, it can be every time you play it.

That’s to say, it’s not all bad, of course. Though, what gives depth to life is not only the highlights, it’s also the shadows. So let’s not be afraid of them. Instead, let you and your smartphone or tablet literally cast some shadows while you sit in the warm light of your living room lamp, a café or the winter sun listening to Laura Guidi, talk about it with someone and inspire or get inspired by each other to protest, to support Laura Guidi, or to write a song like it happened to Laura with „Janine“.

And since Laura loves to use quotations to pay homage to other artists I pay homage to her by freely referring to „Tinderella“: Love this episode tender. It’s not on tinder. It’s on SoundCloud now. 🙂

The songs have been recorded at Open Mic Sunday at Kindl Stuben, 8th of October 2017. The interview a few days later. Walter Benjamin wasn’t carrying the „Angelus Novus“ in his backpack when he died, but left it in Paris before he fled from the Nazis and killed himself in Spain for fear of being caught. And the sticker on Woodie Guthrie’s guitar said ”This machine kills fascists.“ instead of ”This weapon …“. He was a tenant of Donald Trump’s dad.

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